DeadlySins  The Bloodpledge...

An Oath, Forged In Blood,
Once Taken Can Never Be Broken...


DeadlySins is a bloodpledge focused on a positive gaming environment for the mutual benefit of it's members. All DS clans are a minimum of level 3, meaning that all DS clans have an identifying emblem and title.  This being the case, we will be quite harsh on anyone who we feel has blemished the DS name or has misrepresented our alliance as a whole. Respect, Honor, a good Reputation; these things are earned

1.) Treat other members with respect; your action as a member will reflect on the overall image of the pledge. We do not tolerate any form of grief play.
We do not kill steal, drop steal, or start fights with others. Any clan member found to be fostering an environment of negative gameplay risks  expulsion from DeadlySins.

2.)In DeadlySins we do not pk individuals except in clan warfare (i.e. siege) or in self defense. This includes all random whites, purples and REDS. If you are being harassed or kill stealed from then you have the right to defend yourself as you see fit; However, you should try and take screenshots of the offending players actions towards you in the event that they try to falsely accuse you of improper behavior. You may attack any red that you see PK another individual, if the other person is a friend or member.

3.)In light of the above rule, THE GOLDEN RULE OF DS:  We support our members first and ask questions second, even if it means starting a war with another clan. WE will give the benefit of the doubt to our members first, all accusations need to be properly substantiated.

4.)Any big drops received during a clan hunt will be split amongst the clan members participating in the hunt.  A "big drop" is considered to be anything that has a value of 100,000 (100k) adena or more.  If there is a dispute on how much an items is worth, the leader will determine its worth for the sake of ending the dispute.

5.) DeadlySins is formed from many diverse cultures and belief systems. Recognizing the volatility of certain subjects we ask that certain topics not be discussed in clan chat. These topics are Politics, Religion, Ebay or other such services and any sort of nationalist speech. In DeadlySins we do not discriminate against ANYONE. Primarily the majority of DeadlySins members are American but we will still protect the rights of the minority. No one in DeadlySins should ever engage in derogatory speech towards Chinese, Korean or any other kind of players.