Chronicle 1:  The Beginning

The DeadlySins Blood Pledge (a “Blood Pledge” is the Lineage 1 equivalent of
a clan) was first formed in the first half of 2001 by Prince Machismo.  It
was begun with an vision of having distributed power, with the ultimate
power lying with Machismo himself.  The power was distributed amongst 7 high
ranking members and Prince Machismo.  These 7 high ranking members were
distinct by the title that was given to them…one of each of the deadly sins:
Wrath, Pride, Greed, Sloth, Gluttony, Envy, and Lust.

Originally, the titles were given based on the strength of the member
physically.  All members would gather for a tournament.  During this
tournament any other member of the pledge was eligible to challenge one of
the 7 for his title.  The person challenged could not refuse the challenge. 
The two would then duel one another and the winner either kept the title or
gained the title.  This method of leadership continued through the first
year of the clan’s existence.  However, strength does not necessarily make
for good leadership ability.  It is for this reason that Machismo decided to
permanently place leadership upon 7 people and that leadership would go
unchallenged by the remainder of the clan.  It was at this point that the
Deadly Sins truly had a firm structure and began to feel more united and
more powerful…enter the siege.


Chronicle 2